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Thu, May 24 2018 8:00 AM Fri, May 25 2018 5:00 PM

Stay Ahead of the Rate of Change and Survive on Your Own Terms

Next Generation EDGE: Accountable Leadership in the Age of Rapid Change is a two-day leadership and team performance workshop that targets the “Vital Few” factors behind successful team and organizational-based outcomes. This opportunity is for forward-leaning C-suite executives, leaders, and managers who aspire to create truly agile, resilient, and innovative organizations.

The Evidence is Overwhelming

It has been proven across multiple industries that the success of team-based initiatives stems from only 20% of contributing factors. These “Vital Few” factors are non-technical in nature; they are leadership behaviors and team interaction skills.

Why is This Workshop Different?

Today’s widely accepted business management and Lean-Agile practices do little to address the Vital Few – instead, applying engineering methodologies and technologies to human systems. While they do add value, the application of process and technology as a “fix-all” does nothing to improve team interaction skills and, worse, creates a dependency on external coaches and consultants – both of which inhibit organizational learning, agility and resilience.

Next Generation EDGE: Accountable Leadership in the Age of Rapid Change gives you the tools to create autonomous teams that understand strategic intent, organize, problem-solve, and execute rapidly, resulting in the shortened decision cycle required to operate and succeed in the most challenging environments.

What's Covered?

Key attendee outcomes: 

Leave with the tools to build a learning culture

Experience the factors limiting individual, team, and organizational performance

Learn the proven leadership and teamwork skills behind the Vital Few factors of success

Foster the leadership competency of psychological safety

Learn to mitigate cognitive biases and think critically using Red-Teaming techniques (for innovation, reducing errors, building better plans)

Execute the critical steps of Mission Planning

Develop a motivational and effective Mission Brief

Prepare every day for the Mission Debrief

Develop and start leading entry-level Mission Debriefs

Apply the ZONEFIVE™ team and individual behavior marker system


Remain Relevant and Resilient in Today's VUCA World



Tickets for this event are $1,995.  Early Bird registration is valid through the 3rd of May, 2018.  Tickets purchased through the end of the day on the 3rd of May are only $1,495.  We honor our Active Duty military, First Responders, and Government employees--these personnel are eligible for an additional discount of $250 per ticket.  Based on total seating capacity at this event, there are only 10 seats available for this discount.  Please use the code "HONOR" at checkout.